How to Turn a Potential Online Client Into a Happy Customer

How to Turn a Potential Online Client Into a Happy Customer

For a small business, a website that is easy to find can have a huge impact on how many customers you can get to view your site. By using professional website writing and design services, you can drive traffic to your website using SEO techniques. However, once your potential clients have viewed your site, what convinces them to stay, look around and finally make the call to become your customer? 

1. Positive Reviews

Potential customers are highly influenced by reviews they can read about your business on Yelp, Google and Facebook. A few 5 star reviews or one more negative review can be the difference between them giving you a call or moving on to the next business on their Google page. At Surge Web Design, we offer online reputation management services to help you keep track of your review pages. Because it is important to respond to a client’s negative review as soon as possible, we monitor your reviews and contact you as soon as a negative review is posted. We also will advise you on the best way to respond. When other clients see that you are concerned about customer satisfaction and are timely in responding to issues or concerns, they are more likely to trust in your service and choose your business over another. We also like to put some of your 5 star reviews into each page as well to remind clients of the high quality of service you provide.

2. Visually Appealing Web Design

When a small business website is visually pleasing to the eye, customers are more likely to want to continue exploring the website and read about the services your business offers. At Surge Web Design in Boise, we offer custom responsive web design and new logo design. We choose color schemes, layouts and images that best fit the image of your company and appeal to your potential customers. 

3. Easy to Navigate 

There is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to look through a confusing, disorganized website. Often potential customers give up on a great small business simply because they get discouraged at how hard it is to navigate their site! At Surge Web Design we use user-friendly layouts that are incredibly easy to navigate. We also offer website redesign services if you have a site that just isn’t cutting it for you or your customers yet. 

Looking to build your first website or redesign a current one that not only attracts but keeps as many potential customers as possible? Contact us at Surge Web Design to talk about our website hosting, content writing, and design services. We are based in Boise, Idaho and serve Nampa, Meridian, and cities throughout the United States!