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We Design Websites for Small Business Nationwide

In an increasingly digital world, most people search for a business' website before their first phone call, even when they're referred by a friend. That means that having a website that makes a positive first impression and drives customer engagement is essential for most small businesses to thrive.
At Surge Web Design, we offer custom content and streamlined website design services for small businesses to provide just that. We work together to create a compelling online representation of your company that will keep potential customers interested. With our clean, easy-to-navigate designs, and clear calls to action, future clients will be comfortable and confident in reaching out to you.

Our services are not only focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing site. We also want to make sure the content of your site takes advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your business more visible in more search engine listings without paying for expensive ad campaigns. To learn more about our search engine optimization strategies, see our SEO page.

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Boise-based Custom, Affordable Website Design

Our tight-knit, Boise-based web development company offers several features that will make your small business website stand out among the crowd.

Our Website Design service includes:

  • Clean Visual Design

    We use website creation and hosting tools that allow us to create custom websites that are uniquely yours while also saving time and money. We also provide Logo Design services that can ensure your logo organically fits with your site design.

  • Responsive Design

    Having a website that is attractive and usable across varied platforms and devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.) makes your business visible no matter how customers are accessing your site.

  • Internal SEO Web Design

    We have proven experience in getting websites to the top of Google search engine rankings by targeting keywords that are efficient and specific to your location. We create effective websites in locales throughout the United States by researching the terms local customers are using to find similar businesses.

  • Website Content Writing

    SEO could technically be done by throwing a bunch of keywords haphazardly onto a page, but that doesn't leave a great impression on customers about your business, and Google catches on pretty quickly. That's why our team of website content writers works closely to ensure your website has worthwhile, informational content along with the best search terms.

  • Interactive Tools and Forms

    We can build interactive Google Maps and simple email forms right into your website. The customer contact forms can include custom fields as well.

  • Listings Assistance

    We can also improve your business's visibility by getting your business information distributed to various online directories and listings. This creates additional avenues to funnel potential customers to your website. 

  • Website Hosting and Maintenance

    After your site is created, Surge Web Design continues to analyze the SEO content and results. Using that information, we can tweak your site to continue to improve search results and increase website visibility. We also host your domain.

For information about affordable packages for web design and content writing, see our Prices page. Please also note that we will discuss custom packages if you already know what you would like.

If you have any additional questions or would like to set up an appointment for a consultation with Surge Web Design, please call (208) 391-3413 or contact us today. Our experienced team is eager to help your small business grow and develop. Whether you're located in the Pacific Northwest, the Deep South, or anywhere in between, if you want to increase the attention of customers in your service area, we'll help those customers find you.