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SEO Consulting for Small Business WebsitesBoise, ID

Surge Web Design is an SEO and website design company that is based in Boise, ID, and serves small businesses throughout the United States. One of our primary specialties is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which we offer to small companies–not only those that are looking to create a new website, but also to companies that have an established website but would like to learn about how to boost search engine rankings. 
We want to provide you with the highest quality website possible within a reasonable budget, generating the most online visibility for your business. If you have an existing site, our professional SEO consultants can help you identify the most productive areas for change to revolutionize how customers find and navigate your website.


How to Increase SEO without Creating a New Website

Our SEO experts stay current with data regarding SEO principles and how to apply them. Technology is a rapidly changing industry, and that keeps us on our toes in terms of watching how best practices evolve with time. Based on our continual research and accumulated experience, Surge Web Design can consult on:

Understanding Search Engines

Understanding what search engines look for. All websites are not created equal. While some may be very visually appealing and seem to contain the most important information regarding a business, if that information is not located in the right places or using the right terms, small business websites will flounder in the endless sea of web content. We can help you understand what search engines scan for in prioritizing results.

How To Do Keyword Research

Search engine results are driven by keywords. Search engine keywords are the most common terms that people use when searching for your product or service. When you learn strategies on how to find and best apply keywords, your website becomes irresistible to search engines.

How To Keep Your Website Current

Google favors active sites. It favors sites that are frequently updated with useful information. We can discuss ways to accomplish that, including writing educational blogs and social media integration.

Whatever your industry and wherever you are located within the United States, Surge Web Design is here to consult on making your small business website the best that it can be. 
If, after considering some of this information, you decide that you'd like to back up and start new with a foundation of SEO-friendly web design and brand-new content, our Logo and Website Design teams can get you started. Whether you'd like us to work with your existing website or create fresh content, Surge is here to help. Call (208) 391-3413 or contact us online today to get your business the Internet visibility it needs to thrive.