Custom Website Design and SEO Services
Boise, ID

When people ask us what we do here at Surge Web Design, it can be easy to get lost in jargon acronyms and complicated phrases like "search engine optimization." 
At its heart, though, Surge Web Design simply builds and improves websites for small businesses. Our SEO specialists, content writers, and website designers research and implement the strategies that will get your small business noticed by your customer base, wherever you're located.
We don't have a one-size-fits-all, set-it-and-forget-it approach to web design, either. We are constantly making sure that we are current on best practices to keep your website relevant and at the top of search engine rankings in your area.


Website Builders for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an approach to online marketing and lead generation that revolves around writing the content of your webpage around building major search engine keywords. We take time to research and use the keywords your customers are typing into sites like Google and Yahoo! to ensure that your business page is more visible at the top of these search engine listings.
Often, the most visible search engine results are driven by large ad campaigns that are too expensive and inefficient for smaller companies to access. SEO website design, however, is much more affordable while still providing top-quality services to make your website competitive with other top search results, especially for businesses that serve a particular locale. 


Web Content Writing with SEO Strategies

Our experienced website content writers are trained both in researching search engine keyword optimization for your industry and region, as well as in writing those SEO terms into a customized website as fluidly as possible.


Website Design by Professional Designers

Our professional website designers streamline the process of creating a clean, modern, attractive website in order to highlight the SEO content. We customize your website to your vision without wasting your money by reinventing the wheel and reverting to grassroots coding.


Responsive Website for Maximum Exposure

Most people access the internet as much on their phones and tablets as they do on actual computers. If you want your website to be visible to all potential customers, however, they access the internet, having a website that can respond to mobile devices and browser versions makes your company that much easier to find and engage with.

Please click on any links to get more specific information about each of the services described above. Whether you're located in the Treasure Valley in Idaho or anywhere else in the United States, we would love to hear from you! 


Logo Design and Other Website Improvement Services

Beyond the actual content creation and visual design of your website, Surge Web Design also offers the following services to optimize your business' Internet footprint:


Logo Creation

Having a set visual representation for your company keeps branding neat and cohesive. We can assemble a logo package that can be used on stationery, branded materials, and more.


Website Improvement

Do you already have a website that you like, but are looking to get even more out of it? Surge Web Design can help you improve on the investment you've already made.


SEO Consulting

Are you fairly tech-savvy, but want to get some help in how to apply search engine optimization in your own business endeavors? We can arrange consulting with our SEO specialists.

You can reach us by phone at (208) 391-3413 or contact us for a free consultation on how your company can benefit from the web design services at Surge Web Design. Find out how we can help your small business achieve big business reach with affordable website design and improvement services. We look forward to working with you.