Why Is Website Content Writing (Copywriting) Important?

Why Is Website Content Writing (Copywriting) Important?

If you're writing or updating a business plan, a well-written website may not be at the top of your list, but there are a number of reasons why it should be part of the equation. The days are gone when a personal or small business website could essentially replicate a paper yellow pages ad. Successful sites now require more than a business name and contact information. The distance between the bare essentials and a website that has an impact on your business has grown so much that an entire industry has developed in its wake. 

Professional website writing encompasses skills and knowledge that can make a significant difference in the improvement or expansion of your business, and the writers at Surge Web Design are eager to share what we know.

Some of the pitfalls of a cheap or inferior website include:

  • Not enough information. Potential customers still have a lot of questions. Also, search engines automatically demote and filter out sites that don't have enough words per page.
  • Hard-to-follow writing. Potential customers are generally not experts and don't read industry information the same way experts do. Clean writing to explain even the most complex subjects is essential to a good website.
  • Not maximizing keywords. Besides writing easy-to-follow, useful information, a website only becomes successful advertising when it is visible. Improving search results by maximizing keywords gets you there.

A professional, comprehensive website can add so much to the credibility and visibility of your business. Some of the ways a well-tailored site can help include:

  • Brand Development and Effective Advertising. The appearance and content of your website have a huge impact on how potential customers view your business. If a website is sloppy and ill-informed, potential customers view your business as sloppy and ill-informed. They are less likely to hire your service or buy your product.

When your website is tidy and the content both makes sense and is useful information, your brand stands out as being reliable and knowledgeable. The internet is full of cluttered, poorly designed sites. Don't let your site be one of them! 

  • Improve Search Results (SEO Improvement). As of this writing in November 2022, more than 6.5 billion Google searches have been conducted just today. (Source) That's roughly 6.5 million every minute. Your business is fighting a powerful tide in an effort to be seen. 

One of the most efficient, most cost-effective ways to stand out in an internet search crowd is through search engine optimization (SEO). What is SEO? In summary, SEO is a method of digital advertising in which popular keywords and search terms are incorporated naturally into a website's content in order to improve visibility among potential clients. 

Most business owners are not SEO experts. Honestly, they shouldn't have to be. No matter how well they know their industry or how skillfully they can write about their subject matter, it generally doesn't make sense for a business owner to spend time mastering a skill that they will only use a few times to benefit their business. It is more reasonable to hire out those skills on a contract basis to get the most out of their online presence without complicating their business.

  • Increase Customer Interaction with Your Business. If your website is informative enough, internet users will find their way there both to access the information and also to engage the services of your business. Even if a customer doesn't immediately hire your service or buy your product, if you create a positive and enlightening experience for everyone who interacts with your site, you also become a topic for word-of-mouth referrals, a reference for industry information, and a general hub of activity for those in and around your trade. 

However you become involved, being involved is an important position to be in, and ultimately leads to higher customer conversion purely through increased interaction with your site. Additionally, the more clicks you garner and the more time people spend on your site, the more improvement you will see in your search engine rankings. The cycle feeds itself without you having to constantly monitor everything the way you do in a traditional digital ad campaign.

  • Answer Questions for Potential Customers. The general public is less likely than ever to engage in cold phone calls to a business. Think about the last time you had a question about a business. Was your first thought to call them and ask, or was it to look them up online? 

Between automated answering systems, long wait times, and restricted information to normal business hours, many people prefer to do their own research, compile their questions, and have a good idea of where their phone call is leading before they actually pick up and dial. Many even prefer to bypass a phone call altogether and simply make an appointment or a purchase through a website. 

If your website doesn't include general information and details about your product or service, potential customers are likely to bypass you in favor of a more educational competitor. It's also beneficial time management for you to avoid answering the same questions over and over by phone instead of having a handy resource for your clients.

As mentioned above, it rarely makes sense for a business owner to take the time and energy to obtain web design and web content writing skills. There are too many niche areas to investigate to make it worth the investment. This is exactly the time to hire a professional. 

Professional content writers, like those at Surge Web Design, are prepared to hit the ground running when it comes to your business website. We can blend the best of your industry knowledge with the best of our communication skills to create a website that is friendly to newcomers, reliable to existing clients, and tailor-made to your industry and demographic. Your customer conversion ratio improves, meaning you are getting more bang for your advertising buck.

If you're ready to improve your existing website or build a brilliant new site from scratch, Surge Web Design is here to help. We are a local web design company based in Boise, Idaho, that serves individuals and small businesses throughout the United States. 

We are ready to apply our up-to-date SEO research to your business situation in order to improve your reputation and bring in more loyal customers. For more information about our services, start with our Web Design page or feel free to contact us here.